Finest Madagascan Chocolate Craft Kit


Cacao beans, paste and butter from Madagascar’s Sambirano Valley. The beans from this region are renowned for their fruitiness and citrus flavours. Fine connoisseur chocolate in 4 easy steps.

If this is the first time you are going to make chocolate, unless you are familiar with Madagascan chocolate, we recommend to start with the Colombian kit. The chocolate you can make with that kit is quite similar to what, in general, people understand for chocolate: basically for the chocolate to taste like chocolate.

Madagascan beans, on the other hand, have a very pronounced citrus flavour that many people find too overwhelming and not the way chocolate should taste. Other people find it amazing and they can’t have enough… similar to the Marmite effect.

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150 g Madagascan Cacao Paste

100 g Madagascan Cacao Butter

50 g Madagascan Cacao Beans

100 ml Sweet Freedom (apple, grape, carob)

50 g Unrefined Icing Sugar (anti-caking agent: cornflour)

Chocolate Craft Kit instructions and recipes

Makes up to 400 g of chocolate

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