The chocolate company with a smile.

Our chocolate story started in our tiny kitchen at home with our small yet award­-winning company Raw Goodies, which produced bean to bar chocolate from both raw and roasted cacao beans.

In fact we were one of the first companies in the UK to work extensively with raw and roasted ingredients, and proud winners of one Academy of Chocolate and one Great Taste Award.

We are self-taught, and in the early days we used a trial and error approach to discover the best chocolate making techniques. We researched new ingredients and from the very beginning Raw Goodies made its own couverture chocolate from scratch. Many other companies use someone else’s chocolate to make their creations, but we enjoyed the excitement of discovering raw ingredients and turning them into fine chocolates.

Academy Of Chocolate Award winning upcycled packaging.

Seven years on, we still remember how much fun we had experimenting with the raw materials and how interesting the beans looked. We remember wondering how to use these exotic ingredients to make a chocolate bar. It was an exciting and sensory journey when we first held real cacao and smelled the delicious deep chocolaty aroma of cacao paste. We can still remember the first time we roasted a small batch of beans in the oven and how the kitchen smelled like a hundred brownies were baking.

Over the years we have been fascinated with the different origins and flavour profiles of cacao, for example Colombian cacao is earthy and strong and has notes of hazelnuts and coffee, whereas Madagascan cacao is bursting with flavours of tropical fruits and floral hints. Fine chocolate can have as many complex flavours as fine wine.

Ingredients for budding chocolate makers.

With all of this in mind we devised a simple method to create fine chocolate at home, and it was this experience that we wanted to share with everyone. Thus the chocolate craft kit was born and with it Pachanka. We want to share the joy we had the first time we made chocolate by giving you the opportunity to make real chocolate treats at home in your kitchen just like we did.